checking her out frm 11:35 - 11:52



Destiny’s Child — Say My Name

Choreo by Koharu Sugawara

How is this even possible?

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been single nearly 8 years now

going to watch this for the 8th time

  1. you can only learn in school
  2. you can only train in a gym
  3. you need a master to reach enlightenment 
  4. i care about your opinion
  5. underweight is more healthy than overweight

please stop confusing martial arts with fighting. it’s about the enlightenment of your mind/body, not if you can kick someone’s butt. i know movies and sifu’s these days advertise fighting to make money but seriously it’s bullshit. 

you ever find yourself sitting down for a long time thinking? I just did that and I gave up on having a family. I quit on meeting someone, I don’t have the skill, patience, care, and most importantly I don’t have the money to do it. been alone for seven years, time to throw in the towel. R.I.P when I cared xoxox


eetwidomayloh replied to your photo:That 70s hoe

i can get behind this


ran from 729 allen road  to  555 route 57. and then back home again. 15.8miles all together. and i’m still over 200lbs.

"why do you workout? you’re still going to die."

"i tried everything but I can’t loose weight. nothing works for me."

"Just because im overweight(obese) doesnt mean im unhealthy."

"hahaha since we both workout we should be running buddies"

"You know what you should do? what really works for me is…….."

I don’t eat junk food, it’s not good for you.(is currently 300lbs)

"I really wanna get in shape but exercising is too hard."

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