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seen someone from high school that rejected me, she was with one of those beer gut hairy stoner type of guys. 

why isn’t it acceptable for me to wear tights while jogging?!  I’m sure if more men wore them they’d change their minds

If someone teaches you a skill and you go to use those skills to create art, it’s garbage. if no one has taught you anything and you create art, that’s genuine creativity. Learning to paint doesn’t mean you’re artistic, it means you are good student.

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grimes x rihanna
go pour it up
grimes x rihanna

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will never be able to get over this

why can’t an artist make the art they love without being questioned on how they are planning to make money from it? maybe he/she is doing it because it makes them happy, but that’s too much to think about for the average human so I won’t expect any of those fucktards to understand.